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Boston, MA

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On Saturation...

Great art is everywhere. In our tech-induced lives, we have Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the annoyingly adorable way Google periodically changes its homepage logo. There's the watercolor bumble bee illustration on the stationary I just us...



I previously walked around with the close-at-hand excuse that it was important for me as an artist not to work when I didn't feel like working. I heard Dana Frankfort say it at a guest lecture she delivered at MassArt several years ago, and I immediately related. If D...


The 100 day project is on. Today I'm working on day 13 (September 1st felt like a solid start date).  I'm definitely in an abstract phase that's a little weird, a little crazy, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Some design elements have been carrying over each day and some ad...

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